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Cow Parade Auction 11 October 2003

Thursday night's Cow Parade Auction was a roaring success with £110,200 paid for the 33 cows auctioned.

Hundreds of people attended the auction whose guest of honour was the Duke of York. The celebrity auctioneer was Tim Wonnacott the Bargain Hunt presenter.

The money was raised to buy a high ropes course and a viking house for the Ard Whallin Outdoor Pursuits Centre, however another major recipient turned out to be the Her Majesty's Customs and Excise who charged VAT on the sale of the cows.

Bargain of the night was Close En-cow-ntrs of the Herd Kind which went for a modest £1,700+VAT whilst Knox Cow was the most expensive with a final bid of £8,500+VAT.

Full details on the prices paid for all the cows can be found in the Cow Parade section.

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