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Energy-from-Waste Licence Issued 19 November 2003

The Department of Local Government and the Environment has announced that the Waste Disposal Licence for the Energy-from-Waste Plant has been issued to the operators SITA Waste (Isle of Man) Limited, and came into force on the 14th November 2003.

The Licence was issued following a series of consultation exercises involving members of the public, the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry, the Water Authority, Richmond Hill Consultative Committee and a number of other interested parties.

The Department, with advice from the United Kingdom Environment Agency, has reviewed all comments received during the consultation exercises and has produced a document outlining how the decision to issue the licence was determined. The Decision Document, along with a copy of SITA's application for a Waste Disposal Licence and the Waste Disposal Licence itself are available for viewing at the first floor Central Reception, Department of Local Government and the Environment, Murray House, Mount Havelock, Douglas.

Martin Hall, Director of Environment, Safety and Health commented,

"It is not normal to issue a decision document with a waste disposal licence. However, given the public interest over the regulation of this facility and the high number of comments received during the consultation process, the Department decided this would be a transparent way to demonstrate complete openness and that all comments were properly and carefully considered during the process."

The Department is currently in the process of updating its website and any amendments to the licence will be posted on both the site and the public register which is maintained by the Department and also available for viewing at the Central Reception.

The Hon. Pamela M Crowe, MLC, Minister for the Department said,

"I would like to emphasise that the Waste Disposal Licence is a "live" document. It may be subject to change if the Department is satisfied that this is required in the light of experience over the life of the facility in order to improve environmental safeguards."

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