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Better Accommodation Drive 19 November 2003

This week the Registration and Grading Commission is writing to many of the Island's accommodation providers to advise that any deficiencies in quality, facilities and service from this year's assessment must be rectified by the next assessment.

Registration of hotels, guest accommodation, self catering premises, hostels and campsites is compulsory on the Isle of Man. All are assessed annually between April and July by assessors appointed by the Department of Tourism.

Commission chairman Peter Kissack explained:

"Most of the deficiencies identified are minor and many proprietors may already have taken action. Over the past few years there has been a steady and notable increase in the standards of services delivered which is to be welcomed.

"This initiative in writing to the industry is to remind them of the need to meet the minimum standards of the new harmonised rating schemes so that the Isle of Man is in line with the UK."

Tourism Minister David Cretney commented:

"As a Department, we are doing everything we can to drive up quality standards. We must raise standards and facilities in line with the expectations of our visitors otherwise we'll have an industry which falls behind the UK. We have been successful in raising the demographic profile of our visitors during recent years but that also means their expectations are for better quality facilities and standards of service and accommodation."

Anyone who has queries meeting their rating requirements can contact the Registration and Grading Commission on 664552.

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