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Say 'No' To Poachers 25 November 2003

With Christmas just around the corner, a tasty centrepiece of a festive table may be a nicely prepared salmon.

The Department urges members of the public to buy their salmon only from reputable sources.

The days of the Jack-the-Lad poacher are gone. Poaching is a criminal activity carried out by people intent on breaking the law. But an illegally-caught fish from a poacher is not just stolen goods.

Poaching salmon puts the whole future of salmon in Manx rivers at risk. It is a criminal activity which may lead to the loss of part of the Island's natural heritage.

With the angling season long over, there should be no activity in or around a river. The Department asks anyone who sees something suspicious on a river to contact Police Headquarters on 6312121 or the Department on 812224.

Poachers are criminals who are robbing the Island of its heritage for their own gain. Don't put money in the poacher's pocket.

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