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Overflowing Reservoirs 3 December 2003

Chief Executive of the Water Authority, Patrick Heaton-Armstrong commented:

"The heavy rain over the weekend has refilled the main reservoirs very quickly - both Sulby & West Baldwin are now full. The others are recovering quickly with the exception of Cringle - still only 35% full. The Cringle catchment area is still very dry and there is very little water coming down the two feeder streams into the reservoir. Ballagawne WTW's continues to be supported by pumping from both St Johns Pumping Station (bringing in water from Sulby WTW's) and by pumping from Glencrutchery WTW's."

The rainfall at West Baldwin for November was 132.3 mm against a long term average of 151.7mm. Yet another month of below average rainfall. There is still a lack of substantial rainfall in the south of the Island - last week there was only 3.6mm of rainfall on the Cringle reservoir catchment area. Whereas Sulby had 46mm of rain on Friday and Saturday alone.

At West Baldwin reservoir there has only been 64% of the long term average rainfall for the year to date, 887 mm against a long term average of 1383 mm. That's 500 mm short of the long term average.

The current status of reservoirs is as follows:-

  • West Baldwin, 100% full, the reservoir started to overflow last week, today its overflowing by 2"
  • Ballure, 100% full
  • Clypse, 83% full
  • Kerrowdhoo, 38% full
  • Cringle, 35% full, very slow to recover
  • Sulby, 100% full, the reservoir is now overflowing, water is also being used for hydro electric generation by the MEA

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