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Island Based Aircraft 14 January 2004

British Airways CitiExpress recently announced their plans for revised operations out of the Isle of Man Airport. Following this announcement there has been some continuing speculation as to whether the Gatwick, Luton and Manchester aircraft will be based here.

Basing aircraft on the Island has obvious operational benefits, in that the aircraft are available for early morning departures, and any early fog and mist rarely prevents take-offs, whereas landing aircraft require better visibility.

It has been confirmed with BA Citi Express, that the Gatwick (and Luton) jet, and the Manchester aircraft, will return to the Island each night, and therefore be based here and available for the first flights out each morning.

This is not just a topic that applies to BA CitiExpress, and Isle of Man travellers on most of our other routes can be assured that Euromanx and Eastern Airways also have aircraft based on the Island. These aircraft are therefore available for the early departures to Scotland, Liverpool, Dublin and Birmingham.

Airport Director Phil Pain comments:-

"Despite the fundamental and continuing changes in the structure of airline operations serving the Island, there has, in fact, been an increase in the number airliners based overnight here, up from 5 in Manx Airlines days, to the six or seven aircraft that we have now.

"This ensures that Isle of Man residents and business can be assured of a high level of reliability for early morning departures to most of the destinations served from the Island."

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