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Work on Airport Baggage Conveyors 14 January 2004

From Saturday 24th January 2004 for up to 6 weeks, the existing baggage conveyor system behind the check-in desks is being taken out of use. This is to remodel the routing of the conveyor system so that all the bags will pass through new x-ray machines.

This is a security requirement designed to ensure that all baggage on domestic flights is subject to the same standard that already applies to baggage destined for international flights. The new system, once commissioned, will replace the manual x-ray and searching systems that are currently being used to check domestic bags.

The new system will make the whole check-in process easier for many passengers, in that it will no longer be necessary to take their hold bag to “baggage referral” for checking. In future, this will only happen to those few passengers whose bag is rejected by the new system, plus any “outsize” large items.

However, during the 6 weeks of works described above, all passengers with hold-baggage will be sent to “baggage referral”. Extra staff will be provided to help ease the flow of work, but some delays may result at peak periods. All passengers can help minimise any delays by allowing extra time for the check-in process and reporting earlier for their flight.

Passengers travelling with hand baggage only, will NOT be affected by these essential works, and may use the Airport as normal. Similarly, arriving passengers will not be affected.

Airport Director, Philip Pain comments:

“This essential work is being carried out during our quietest time of year, to help minimise disruption and reduce the queues that may be experienced at peak periods.

"We very much regret any inconvenience that may occur, and all of the staff will endeavour to provide every assistance and guidance to our customers.

"It will be of great benefit to all, if intending passengers can arrive earlier for their flights, and even an extra 15 to 20 minutes will make all the difference and help avoid delays.”

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