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Corporation Appoints Enforcement Officer 15 January 2004

Douglas Corporation has appointed its first enforcement officer. Neil Cringle, a former inspector with the Isle of Man Constabulary, will be ensuring the borough by-laws are met, dealing with issues such as fly tipping and anti-social behaviour.

His appointment after 30 years on the Manx force has been welcomed by Council Leader David Christian, who said:

"One of the biggest complaints we receive from rate payers is non-enforcement of by-laws. We have recognised that and I am delighted to see somebody with Neil Cringle's experience appointed to the post. This is a big step forward and will help us to implement new measures such as the anti-social behaviour legislation."

Mr Cringle will take on a supervisory role, working with two wardens. The wardens are expected to be appointed over the next two to three months.

Mr Cringle said:

"Their job, under targeted direction, will be to enforce the by-laws where the problems appear to be. First, I am examining all the existing legislation and looking at ways of how improvements might be made to meet modern demands. Another facet will be education; making people aware of the by-laws so that problems are not caused through ignorance."

Complaints from the public will be directed to the enforcement officer and he, along with the wardens, will also carry out a general monitoring role.

Mr Cringle said:

"We will be dealing with the sort of things that cause distress to the neighbourhood, such as fly tipping, dog fouling, ball games in parks, disturbances in public gardens - these are the things that people perceive to be the major problems to the environment. My role will be supervisory but I will be looking forward to getting out and about as well."

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