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Phone Book Recycling 26 January 2004

Following the arrival of the 2004 telephone Directory on the Island this week, the Department of Local Government and the Environment and Manx Telecom are hoping that over 50% of the old 2003 directories will be recycled.

Each new telephone Directory will carry an insert giving information about recycling sites across the island and Page 34 of the Directory preface details the Waste Operations Management Unit and has a map showing the locations and opening hours of the island?s four Civic Amenity Sites.

Mr Eddie Lowey MLC, the Member of the Department with responsibility for Waste Management and Recycling is fully supportive of the scheme saying:

"The Department is committed to reducing waste, and this initiative is an excellent way to promote paper recycling throughout the island. There is around a kilogram of paper in every Directory; that's 65 tonnes of waste we will avoid sending to landfill if everyone recycles their phone book. So don't bin it - recycle it!"

Joanne Hetherington, Waste Minimisation and Recycling Officer says:

"This year we are aiming to recycle as many phone books as possible. Recycling paper not only reduces waste, but it saves valuable natural raw materials. For every tonne of paper recycled, we save 15 average sized trees. If you would like to know the location of your nearest recycling bin, please phone the Waste Operations Management Unit on 686540 or log onto our website at www.gov.im/dlge/waste"

The design of this year's Directory cover has been enhanced and now includes 6 photographs. Subjects featured range from young sports people, to Manx Telecom engineers and local scenery.

For the first time for 3 years Directory users have the chance to win gift vouchers valued up to £500 for answering a questionnaire about the Directory's content. There is also the opportunity to help design future editions. Inside, in addition to the usual essential features, customers will find a new guide to the internet including listings of business email and website addresses. New pages in the Preface include 'Protecting our Environment' and revamped features such as the popular The Year in Focus and tips on dealing with nuisance calls.

Manx Telecom's Stephen Evans commented:

"The Directory continues to be seen by customers as the key reference document on the Island and this year a record number of businesses have elected to advertise in this award-winning publication."

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