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Land Wanted for National Glens 29 January 2004

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is looking for land to expand the National Glens. This initiative is part of the Department's policy of encouraging broadleaf tree planting and maximising public enjoyment of the countryside.

"I'd be delighted to hear from landowners willing to sell or donate land, or leave legacies to the nation," said the Chairman of the Forestry Division, Peter Karran MHK, "particularly land bordering on our existing National Glens. Land already containing developing or mature woodland would be all the more attractive."

"The National Glens are incredibly popular," said Mr Karran. "Today, we all benefit from the efforts of past generations who had the foresight to plant woodland, though they knew that they wouldn't see the full benefit in their own lifetime."

Mr Karran referred to the recent generous gift of land adjacent to Molly Quirk's Glen by Captain of the Parish of Onchan, Harvey Briggs. He described it as a tremendous boost, expanding an area where existing glens are widely used by the public.

"We want to invest in the future," said Mr Karran. "We'll plant new areas with broadleaf trees. The Department will maintain them for public access, providing areas for wildlife conservation and for the benefit of future generations."

It will be 25 years this year since the Tynwald National Park was developed in St John's. More recent developments have been the Millennium Oakwood in Braddan and Cooill y Ree in St John's.

Landowners interested in discussing this initiative are encouraged to contact Robin Pollard, Chief Forestry Officer, at the Forestry Division, Hope Road, St. Johns, telephone on 801263.

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