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Graduation Day for Nurses 9 March 2004

Thirty-five nurses from the Department of Health and Social Security attended a graduation ceremony on Friday, to receive awards from the University College Chester and Manchester Metropolitan University.

Ten of the graduates receiving their awards from the University College Chester were awarded a Diploma of Higher Education in Nursing Studies. These students are the first group of pre-registration nursing students to have completed their three-year course at the Island's Centre for Nurse Education. This award now allows them to practice as fully qualified registered nurses.

Ten nurses were awarded a Diploma of Higher Education in Health Studies and fifteen nurses were awarded a BSc (Hons) in Health Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University. These 25 graduates are already qualified nurses and have studied for their awards whilst still fulfilling their demanding roles within clinical practice.

The Manchester Metropolitan University awards in Health Studies are open to all health care professionals but at the moment it is the nursing profession who are grasping this opportunity for development.

All these students have conducted their studies through the Isle of Man Centre for Nurse Education, who have arrangements with the awarding Universities, which allows the students to undertake higher education courses locally.

For the first time the ceremony was held within Keyll Darree, the newly built DHSS Education and Training Centre, in which the Department of Nurse Education is based. In previous years, by the kind hospitality of the Isle of Man College, the ceremony was held within their premises. Within the audience there were over eighty guests of the graduates there to witness this special occasion.

Minister for Health and Social Security, Hon Christian BSc MLC, gave an address to the graduates and assembled audience. The graduates received their awards from representatives of the respective universities. Ms Linda Meredith, Associate Dean, University of College Chester School of Nursing and Social Care and Dr David Skidmore Head of Health Care Studies Manchester Metropolitan University.

Jacquie Lesley Director of Nurse Education said,

"I offer my warmest and heartfelt congratulations to the graduates. Also special thanks to the excellent team of nurse teachers and support staff. Dedication and hard work is required from both teachers and learners to achieve such awards. Without the continual support of colleges within the clinical areas the students would also find the going very difficult. Education is a tripartite arrangement. The DHSS recognises the importance of lifelong learning as an important part of the development of the organisation. The development of staff is an important factor in patient care."

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