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Event Safety Workshop 14 July 2004

The Department of Local Government and the Environment is pleased to announce that the Isle of Man Government's Event Safety Group will be holding another workshop-based briefing session focusing on off-road motorsport at the TT Grandstand on Wednesday, 21st July, at 7.30pm.

Planned very much in response to requests from individuals and groups already involved in organising off-road motorsport, the evening session will aim to provide both general guidance on event safety and specific discussion of hazards that may be present at off-road motorsport events.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Event risk assessment (Emergency Planning Office)
  • Vehicle movement, parking, event layout, organising and notification (IOM Constabulary and the Emergency Planning Office)
  • Fire safety, fuel handling and storage (IOM Fire and Rescue Service and the IOM Office of Fair Trading)
  • First Aid (IOM Ambulance and Paramedic Service)
This event is designed to help organisers decide what standards are appropriate for their events. It will give them guidance on how best to meet these standards.

The Special Events Unit of the Department of Tourism and Leisure is providing the venue for this briefing.

Each workshop will last for about 20 minutes, and each will be run 4 times to allow small groups of delegates to attend all 4 sessions during the evening. In addition, representatives of the Event Safety Group will be on hand to answer any specific questions.

The chairman of the Group, Nick Black, commented:

"The Group was established by the Department of Local Government and the Environment to help event organisers run successful and safe events. A number of those involved with off-road motorsport wanted us to run practical briefing sessions aimed specifically at their events. The workshop sessions are designed to provide practical guidance and there will be an opportunity later in the evening for organisers to help us identify any further support they might like. Although the focus is clearly on off-road motorsport, organisers of any event that is run on similar lines will be able to benefit."

Whilst a number of event organisers have already booked places, there are still a few places available for anyone still wishing to attend. Anyone wishing to book a place should telephone 685952. Attendance is not restricted to event organisers and anyone with an interest in any of the topics listed is welcome to attend.

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