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Another Baby Flamingo 26 July 2004

Keepers at the Curraghs Wildlife Park were delighted today by a second hatching of a flamingo egg.

One pair of flamingos have already hatched a chick which is nearly three weeks old and unlike the older chick, the new hatchling is still firmly being brooded by one of the parent birds, taking it in turns. For a few days yet, it will only be possible to see it when the parents exchange brooding duties or occasionally when it peeps out from beneath a wing.

The older chick, now three weeks old, is permitted to walk around in search of some of its own food, and even go swimming, but returns to stand beneath one of its parents at the end of the day. The white ball of fluff is now standing about 20 cms high and is already practising balancing on one leg.

Some of the other birds are sitting on nests but are not thought to be on eggs. Nick Pinder, General Manager, commented:

"The other birds are still too young to breed but they are gaining experience by having a practise run and we hope will, in future years, prove to be as good parents as our first ones have done."

The Wildlife Park is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm, apart from Wednesdays when the Park closes at 9 pm for the inclusive barbecue.

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