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Sulby Glen Road to Close for Six Weeks 18 August 2004

The construction of the new Sulby Water Treatment Works and laying the new raw water main from Irish Cottage down the Glen are currently right on schedule. The Authority and its contractors (Charles Brand IOM Limited) have always been aware that this work would create significant disruption in the Glen.

Even before work began in the Glen, the Authority and its contractors made every effort to keep everyone living and working in the immediate vicinity, fully informed of the work required, including advising residents of the need to completely close the Sulby Glen Road at certain times. This has involved public meetings, letters and individual meetings with many of the residents of Sulby Glen. This liaison has continued with updates and we have made a point ofcontacting residents in the Glen as soon as we have had confirmation that a new stage of work can proceed.

Patrick Heaton-Armstrong, Chief Executive of the Water Authority, commented:

"The next road closure is planned to start on Monday 6th September and it will last for up to six weeks. Inevitably this will be inconvenient to everyone who regularly uses the Sulby Glen Road and also those living and working in the Glen. We are aware of the particular problems that the road closure will create for The Tholtan and have previously agreed with the DOT to reschedule the road closure from August to September in order to avoid disrupting the Tholtan's summer season. We are now working with the contractors to ensure that the business can continue to operate while it is necessary for us to close part of the Sulby Glen Road. We would stress that although the road closure will prevent access to Sulby village, it will still be possible to access Tholt-y-Will and Sulby Glen from the Mountain Road."

The Authority and its contractors are committed to completing the necessary work as quickly as possible so that the disruption is minimised. The pipeline should be completed by the end of the year and after a commissioning period the new Water Treatment Works should be putting water into supply in the middle of 2005.

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