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Amazing Thai Goes Smoke Free 24 August 2004

Since its launch in June, Smoke Free Mann has already recognised 24 restaurants and cafes on the Island for their totally smoke free policies. Several others have also received Gold Awards for being predominantly smoke free and interest in the scheme has been increasing. Recently, the Liverpool Arms was the first pub to join the scheme, with their large smoke free dining room.

In addition to businesses that have already considered the benefits of being smoke free registering their current smoking policies, Smoke Free Mann has also prompted other businesses to reconsider their policies. Having received information from Smoke Free Mann, "Amazing Thai's" proprietor, Donald Bailey, has decided that his restaurant would benefit in many ways from becoming totally smoke free. It will be the first establishment to go smoke free as a result of the initiative.

Donald Bailey says:

"As the owner of Amazing Thai (formerly Amy's Thai), I have been concerned about the issues surrounding passive smoking for some time - particularly the health risks for my staff and customers, the majority of whom are non-smokers. We serve authentic Thai cuisine. So does it make any kind of sense for us to provide our customers with wholesome, healthy food which tastes wonderful and then subject them to eating it in a toxic fog, loaded with carcinogens?"

Amazing Thai had always allowed smoking, but had been considering introducing smoke free areas. Following discussions about the best way to change his policy, Mr Bailey came to the conclusion that simply introducing smoke free areas would not reduce the problems associated with second-hand smoke, or the smell and discomfort that many staff and customers experienced.

"We considered having 'smoking' and 'no smoking' areas within the restaurant but, whilst smokers would respect the demarcation, unfortunately smoke does not. Neither is ventilation the answer - unless you subject your customers to dining in an environment resembling the interior of a wind tunnel, it is fairly ineffective!"

The hospitality industry is exposed to the highest levels of second-hand smoke of any occupational group. Don Bailey believes that these risks are:

"A wholly unacceptable price to pay. As responsible employers, we must consider all issues of health and safety in the workplace, for our staff and customers alike. When it comes to passive smoking, the evidence is overwhelming, and I would urge all other employers in the hospitality industry who have not yet gone smoke free to give serious consideration to doing so."

The Public Health Directorate and the Environment, Safety and Health Directorate, are delighted that so many businesses on the Island are considering the health and safety of their staff by voluntarily adopting smoke free policies. As part of the scheme, a new Smoke Free Mann brochure will soon be designed to promote businesses that have signed up. The brochure will be widely distributed to Island residents, tourists, and groups that may be particularly affected by second-hand smoke, including cardiac patients, asthma sufferers, pregnant mothers, and those trying to give up smoking.

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