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Planning Permission Granted for Jurby Prison 26 August 2004

The Department of Home Affairs was notified, today, the 25th August 2004 that the Minister for the Department of Local Government and the Environment, the Hon J Rimmington, MHK, has approved the application by the Department of Home Affairs for the construction of a new Category B Prison at Jurby Airfield, Jurby.

Mr Braidwood was delighted with the decision which is the culmination of many years of hard work by the officers and political members who have served on the Department during the progression of the scheme to planning approval.

Mr Braidwood said:

"The Prison has not been an easy project to progress and that without the dedication of the many officers who have worked both within the Department, across Government and from the Private Sector the Prison project would not have overcome the many hurdles that it has experienced during its successful progression to receiving full planning approval.

"The decision to review the siting of the prison was not an easy one to take, however, with the support of my political embers and officers from the Department I believed that it would be the right one. The planning approval is only the beginning on a road which will deliver a new prison which has been a requirement for many years. The planning approval is subject to various specified conditions and the design team will begin work immediately to assess the impact of these conditions and ensure we comply with the requirements every step of the way.

"The design team have undertaken a huge task with both enthusiasm and determination to succeed and along with their counterparts within Government have succeeded thus far in providing a well designed, modern prison that will meet the needs of the Isle of Man for the future and provide value for money.

"The development will bring a much needed improvement in the infrastructure to the Jurby area and in consequence may have a beneficial effect on the economy which will in turn assist the population of Jurby as a whole.

"My Department will now plan to seek Tynwald approval, in November, to provide the finance required to fund the capital cost of the prison. The aim is to start on site before the end of 2004, with a planned build completion within two years of commencement. This is an exciting time for my Department, with an intense period of work ahead of us. I firmly believe that we have the right team in place to deliver this highly important project."

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