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Proceeds of Crime Act Scam 22 September 2004

The Office of Fair Trading is issuing a reminder to local business owners to be on their guard against mail scams.

The warning comes after a local business received a letter claiming to be from a company called the Anti-Money Laundering Support Team.

The letter is worded in a way which could make it appear to be from an official source. It suggests that the business owner could be prosecuted under the Proceeds of Crime Act if he does not return the forms and a cheque for £75 per employee for a training package.

Quintin Gill MHK, new Chairman of the OFT said:

"I would like to reassure businesses that the claims made in this letter are completely false and no prosecutions could be made. My advice, as with all such letters, is to put it in the recycling bin. My officers at the OFT would like to hear from anyone who has sent money to the company, which gives an address in Crewe. I would remind people not to send off money to companies unless they are absolutely certain that they, and the services they are offering, are genuine."

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