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Archallagan Plantation Landfill 6 October 2004

The planning application to develop a fully-engineered landfill site at Archallagan Plantation was approved by Tynwald in November 2003.

One of the conditions of the planning approval related to acceptable noise levels at the boundary of the development both during construction and during routine operation. The Department of Local Government and the Environment has considered this condition very closely and has undertaken further tests to determine whether the condition can be met in practice.

The Department is satisfied that the development could proceed without causing a noise nuisance to nearby households and would not cause a noise nuisance to members of the public enjoying the amenity of Archallagan Plantation.

However, the Department cannot guarantee that it can meet the precise noise condition on the boundary of the development on all occasions and could thus be technically in breach of the planning condition irrespective of the likelihood that no noise nuisance is caused.

The Department feels it cannot proceed with a development where it might be in breach of a noise condition and thus the Department has decided to seek to have the planning condition varied. This means the project will be placed on hold whilst the planning condition is considered by an independent planning inspector.

The Department still hopes to complete the first phase of the project by December 2005.

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