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Summerland Demolition 11 October 2004

The Department of Tourism and Leisure is seeking 899,290 at next week's sitting of Tynwald to prepare Summerland for demolition.

The first phase will include a 'soft strip out' of the building including asbestos removal.

Tourism Minister David Cretney said:

"I will be seeking Tynwald support for the preliminary works which are necessary prior to demolishing Summerland. As a building it has outlived its usefulness and its 1970s design makes it a blight on Douglas promenade."

Asbestos was discovered in the building in 1997 and was treated with encapsulation but recent surveys have shown it is present throughout the structure.

The second phase will involve the building's demolition and stabilisation of the cliff.

The Minister added:

"The first stage of the works will enable my Department to assess accurately the likely cost of demolition including stabilising the cliff. A lot of work is going on behind the scenes to progress the scheme, but it is a lengthy process."

Mr Cretney will also take the opportunity next week to report on progress with plans to redevelop the area which will be phase three of the project.

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