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Health & Safety 19 October 2004

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading in conjunction with the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate of the Department of Local Government and the Environment is alerting local businesses to approaches made by UK publishers promoting posters, leaflets and First Aid Kits.

Businesses on the Island are receiving publicity advising them that from 31st October 2004 enforcing authorities will have had ten months to take action against them for failing to comply with new accident recording procedures. The publishers advise that they can provide packs of guides to ensure compliance together with a copy of a poster which legislation demands is displayed on their business premises. The packs are costed depending upon the number of staf employed and prices range from around £100 to £140.

Health and Safety legislation on the Island is different from that in the UK. These packs are therefore of little use to business and Isle of Man guides and posters are available free of charge from the Department of Local Government and the Environment.

Nick Black, Chief Health and Safety Inspector advises:

"These approaches are confusing local employers who are unsure whether they need to buy the packs and comply with the legislation identified in them. We are happy to advise local businesses on their health and safety obligations and leaflets and guidance is available from our office or from our website. I have written to the publishers of these packs and asked them to remove the Isle of Man from their mailing list. Employers should not waste their money on them."

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