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Waste Management Remains With DoLGE 20 October 2004

The Environment Department has welcomed the decision of Tynwald that waste management operations should remain with the Department for the short-term, pending a review of the overall Government structure. As this review is planned for completion within the next 2 years, before the next General Election, the Environment Department believes that this is the sensible and practical option in the present circumstances.

In welcoming the decision, the Environment Minister, Hon. John Rimington, MHK, said:

"We now have a responsibility to give confidence to the public that regulation of all waste operations, including the Energy-from-Waste facility will be undertaken in a robust fashion. It is important for the public to know that, not only is effective regulation taking place, but it can also be seen to be taking place. The Department will take steps, over the coming period, to demonstrate that rigorous regulation is taking place in an open and effective manner."

The Chief Minister has indicated that the structural review of Government will be expected to address a number of important issues related to the effective provision of public services, one of which will be the key question about how best to separate regulatory and operational functions.

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