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Nuclear Safeguards Legislation 22 October 2004

To comply with our international obligations to control the use of nuclear materials, the Department of Local Government and the Environment has introduced the Nuclear Safeguards (Notification) Regulations 2004, which establish equivalent safeguards to those in the United Kingdom.

The Regulations will enable the Isle of Man Government to provide certain information, which is required to be given to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Regulations require persons manufacturing, assembling, or using certain specialist pieces of industrial equipment that are, or could be, construed as relating to nuclear fuel cycle research and development activities or the processing of nuclear source materials, to inform the Government Analyst at the Department's offices by no later than 21st December 2004.

The Environment Minister, John Rimington, MHK, said:

"I am well aware that this subject may seem totally unconnected to our way of life on the Isle of Man. However, we must play our part as an independent jurisdiction in ensuring there are no gaps in the security and control of nuclear material itself, or of any equipment which could be used to obtain nuclear material. This piece of legislation will allow the Department to make enquiries and request information from local companies so we can be satisfied that there are no business activities in the general area of nuclear materials research."

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