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Fly Tippers Will Be Prosecuted 4 November 2004

The Department of Local Government and the Environment has signalled its intention to get tough with those who act irresponsibly by dumping rubbish in the countryside rather than taking it to the Civic Amenity Sites and Recycling Bins situated throughout the Island.

Following the successful prosecution of a Crosby man for fly-tipping rubbish in Ballaglass Glen, Environment Minister, John Rimington, MHK, said:

"My Department is determined to work with other agencies on the Island in order to identify fly-tippers and ensure they are prosecuted for their irresponsible behaviour in spoiling our beautiful environment."

The minister also praised the member of the public who reported the incident in the Glen to the Police and said:

"The Department is doing everything it can to encourage members of the public to make full use of their nearest Civic Amenity Site and there really is no excuse for simply discarding rubbish in the countryside.

"I am very pleased to note the serious view taken of this by His Worship the High Bailiff who fined the culprit £750 and ordered him to pay £100 compensation to have the rubbish cleared. It is actually much cheaper for people to use the Civic Amenity Sites and I hope that the recent case will cause those who might be tempted to fly-tip to think twice before doing so!

"I am extremely grateful in relation to the recent case to the Ramsey Police with whom we have a very good working relationship. With the help of other Authorities on the Island, we shall not hesitate to bring prosecutions in appropriate cases."

The recent case was one where Peter Crellin of Crosby admitted a charge of abandoning litter in a public place on the 12th June, 2005, when he had been asked by his manager to remove rubbish for a woman in Onchan. The Police located the owner of the property, following a report from a member of the public and, not only was the culprit dealt with severely by the Court, he was also disciplined by his employer for his foolish action.

His Worship the High Bailiff said in Court that if there were any further cases, the penalties would increase! The maximum penalty for the offence is £2,000.

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