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Isle of Woman 29 January 2005

The Department of Tourism and Leisure is basking in the glow of widespread media coverage generated over the past few days thanks to the launch of Yorkie Pink on the 'Isle of Woman'.

Staff at the Sea Terminal were inundated by calls last week from UK radio stations and newspapers eager to cover the story after the Tourism Department agreed to change the Island’s name for the weekend.

Early estimates are that radio coverage will exceed £400,000 in value and national newspapers’ features could boost the total to more than £500,000 worth. In addition, Border TV filmed the story for broadcast tonight (Friday).

Tourism Minister David Cretney said:

"I am delighted how the majority of people and businesses on the Island have enthusiastically embraced the idea of re-naming the place of our birth the ‘Isle of Woman’ for the weekend. I’d like to say a big thank you to the Isle of Woman Newspapers, Tynwald Mills, Shoprite, Douglas golf course and the Woodbourne Hotel for entering into the spirit of it so who heartedly, along with Douglas RFC an Michael FC who look stunning in their new pink strips!

"I am very grateful to Yorkie Pink for considering the Isle of Woman the perfect place to unveil their limited edition pink-wrapped Yorkie and hope it won’t be the last product launch that we host.

"Most people and publications have accepted that it’s just a bit of fun but even when media articles are not 100% supportive, the Isle of Man and Yorkie have raised awareness. Overall I think it has been a tremendous success."

National newspapers expected to feature the Isle of Woman story include The Guardian, Daily Mirror and Sunday Telegraph while radio features were broadcast on BBC Radio Five Live and BBC Radio Scotland plus more than 20 regional stations in the UK and Ireland. The BBC also covered the story extensively on their website.

Yorkie spokesman Richard Allen said:

"We are thrilled at the response to Yorkie Pink on the Island and couldn’t have wished for a better place to launch it."

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