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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
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Marown School Crossing 4 May 2006

The Department investigated the installation of traffic signals at the Glen Darragh Road junction in 2005. There were practical problems in locating signal poles on this section of the A1 Peel Road, part of the TT course.

The traffic signals were not proceeded with after the recruitment of a School Crossing Patrol to assist children across the Peel Road (the prescribed school crossing).

The Department of Transport has a responsibility to school children, drivers and the School Crossing Patrol Officer to locate prescribed school crossings in safe areas. An additional prescribed crossing at the top of Glen Darragh was considered but did not meet the safety requirements.

The Department will not comment on any Personnel issues; however it can confirm that crossing patrol duties will continue to be carried out at Marown.

The Department’s Officers in the Highways Division are continuing to investigate ways of improving road safety at the Glen Darragh/Peel Road junction.

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