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Top gear for TT star thanks to Thomas 27 June 2007

A TT rider today visits a school to thank the 11-year-old who designed his racing leathers.

Paul ‘Big H’ Hunt is the proud owner of white leathers designed by Thomas Doyle, a Year 6 pupil at St John’s School.

Unfortunately a mishap at Ginger Hall in the opening race, the Superbike race, saw Paul hospitalised with a leg and a back injury and ended his TT but the 45-year-old is now back at work as a firefighter.

He visits the school today to thank Thomas and start a sponsored TT run/walk around the school.

Teacher Gill Buttery explained:

‘We had a competition, open to all children in the school, to design a set of leathers to celebrate the centenary of the TT, Through Paul Phillips at the Department of Tourism and Leisure, we found a local rider, Paul Hunt, to wear them for us in the races.'

She added:

‘We had 75 entries and Paul Hunt chose the winning design. Scott Leathers, who make leathers for some of the top riders like John McGuinness, came up trumps and made them in three weeks.'

Paul – a 1988 Manx Grand Prix winner who first entered the TT in 1989 – said: ‘I didn’t have the leathers on when I crashed, as it was a six-lap race and I wanted to get them bedded in first on a four-lap race. It turned out to be fortunate as when I got to hospital they had to cut my leathers off me!'

He added:

'The leathers that Thomas designed are immaculate and I will be wearing them for future races.’

Paul also plans to visit the school for its summer fair, taking along the now-repaired Superbike, which he will ride in the Southern 100 just days later.

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