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Police issue TT road safety warning and advice to motorists 29 May 2009

POLICE are gearing up to introduce enhanced road safety measures throughout the TT Festival fortnight.

Head of the Roads Policing Unit Inspector Richard Power said the highly visible measures, adopted to reduce accidents and enhance safety, will focus on speed enforcement.

He explained:

‘Road safety during TT, as at other times of year, is paramount but the conditions of our roads are significantly different to the rest of the year.
‘During TT there will be an increase in the number of Police patrol units around the Island and in particular, the TT Course. More than 20 local officers will be deployed to the Roads Policing Unit during the festival.
‘Throughout the festival, there will be temporary speed limits in place, which will be clearly marked and enforced. They are there to improve road safety in areas where there may be increased danger to road users. The Summary Courts will impose fines and driving disqualifications where appropriate for motoring offences, and it must be recognised that nowadays a disqualification imposed in the Isle of Man is also applicable in the UK.’

In addition contingency plans have been drawn up for the Ballaugh/Kirk Michael area, and for key routes out of Douglas. Road users will observe that there are new matrix information signs at Barregarrow and Sulby which will provide latest information about best routes in those areas.

Inspector Power said:

‘Road closure contingency plans are implemented when police action is necessary to control certain roads, for instance to assist an accident investigation. Our contingency plans take into account accident hotspots and allow us to plan alternative routes to help motorists.
‘Throughout TT I would ask road users to be careful and patient and to bear in mind road delays are somewhat inevitable. With this in mind, I would also ask that potential delays are factored into departure times for journeys and routes are planned ahead.
'The police in conjunction with the Department of Transport will do their best to alleviate those delays and maintain traffic flow but we do emphasise our request for patience from the public at this exceptionally busy time.’

Giving his support to the Roads Policing Unit plans, Transport Minister David Anderson MHK commented:

‘I advised Members of Tynwald that additional measures will be implemented for this year’s TT to deal with the peak traffic flows on working days that, with road closures, lead to congestion in Douglas.
‘In addition to radio bulletins we have installed new information signs at Bath Place and Greensills Corner to advise road users of road closures. At Greensills there are also temporary traffic lights to control traffic turning right from the Promenade into Church Road as well as similar lights at Summerhill.’

Measures to be introduced for the festival aimed at improving traffic flow through Douglas centre include resetting all pedestrian crossings on Douglas promenades to increase the waiting time for pedestrians wishing to cross in safety but decreasing interruptions to traffic flow.

When needed, manually operated traffic lights will be in place at the Greensills corner to control traffic wishing to turn right from the promenade into Church Road. These signals will be used if congestion is experienced on the promenade.

To complement this, an information sign will be positioned at Greensills corner to advise on the status of the TT course road closures at St Ninian’s and Victoria Road/Governor’s Bridge and in addition officers will be available for point duty at Broadway when necessary.

Home Affairs Minister Adrian Earnshaw MHK said:

‘Careful planning has taken place involving officers from my Department, the Department of Transport and the police, to ensure everything is done to improve road safety and traffic flow during the TT festival fortnight. Some delays are inevitable given the anticipated volume of traffic and I’d ask people to bear that in mind and allow extra time for their journey. The important thing is all these measures contribute to a happy and safe festival for our residents and visitors.’
  • The latest Road Closure Update Information will be available to the public by calling 685888


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