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Petrol Storage for TT competitors 1 June 2009

The Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading and the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service are reminding all TT visitors and Island residents that there are controls in place governing the storage of petroleum spirit (‘petrol’) in quantities of more than 10 litres.

Anyone storing over 10 litres of petrol must obtain a licence from the Office of Fair Trading. This does not apply to petrol stored in the fuel tanks of vehicles.

In order to assist TT competitors, two temporary licensed stores have been organised which they can use by contacting race control without the need to obtain a licence themselves.

Both stores will be controlled and secured by G4S who can be contacted on 495105 to arrange access.

Competitors found with quantities of more than 10 litres of petrol will be given the opportunity to move the fuel to one of these stores or any other licensed store that agrees to take the fuel. Those who fail to avail themselves of this opportunity may find that their fuel is confiscated. They may also face legal action by this Office.

The Office of Fair Trading has produced a leaflet on the safe storage of petrol. Copies of the leaflet “Storage Petrol – Good practice and sound advice” and further advice on storage and licensing can be obtained from the Office in Lord Street, Douglas, by telephoning 686500 or from its website www.gov.im/oft.

The Fire and Rescue Service are particularly concerned about unlicensed storage of fuels in domestic properties. Storing excessive amounts of fuel is extremely dangerous. If stored fuel is involved in fire it would greatly increase the fire’s intensity and may accelerate the spread of a fire to adjoining rooms or properties.

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