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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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Police review of TT 2010 – busier but better than last year 21 June 2010

CRIME statistics for TT fortnight show arrests were on the same level as last year despite an increase in visitors.

Also following last year’s trend, 78% of arrests were Island residents and more than 80% of all arrests were in the 18-35 years age group. Of the 198 people arrested, 167 were male and 31 female. The biggest proportion – 81 (48%) – were in the 18-25 year age group.

Superintendent Paul Cubbon commented:

‘There was a good vibe to this year’s TT. The entertainment certainly lifted people’s spirits and we would estimate there were 6,000 to 8,000 people on the promenade on the nights through the busiest weekend. That makes me feel it’s a positive that arrests equalled last year’s when there was much greater numbers of visitors and locals on the promenade.
‘Most arrests were for drunkenness or public order offences because we have a policy of early intervention and there was a really good, friendly, almost carnival atmosphere in Douglas. The entertainment played a big part in that. People enjoyed themselves and they felt safe. I feel really positive about it. I have worked the promenade for the last four years and I think this was definitely a good year.’

Supt Cubbon and Deputy Chief Constable Gary Roberts patrolled Douglas on seven nights during the festival. Supt Cubbon went on:

‘This was my 25th TT and we have been policing the festival for 100 years. We are renowned for how we do police it. Other police forces can’t believe we do it within our own resources. Our officers do long hours but they keep a smile on their face, they always engage with people and the feedback is always extremely positive. The number of times a police officer hands over their white helmet for a photograph is an indication!’

For the past 12 years German police officer Ewald Temmen has assisted the Isle of Man Constabulary during TT. He experienced a reduction in German visitors requiring his assistance and it has not been confirmed whether he will return next year.

‘The culture of the TT has changed significantly in recent year,’ Supt Cubbon went on.
‘People used to be concentrated in Douglas but campsites around the Island are becoming miniature villages for the festival with their own entertainment, although it was noticeable more people attended the entertainment on the promenade this year. Despite that it is another positive that arrests for drink driving fell to just eight, compared with 20 last year and 19 in both the two previous years.
‘However, arrests for drug offences increased thanks to officers proactively targeting the boats and campsites with the use of passive dogs. ’

Arrest statistics from the Analysis Centre at Police Headquarters include::

  • Assaults: 17 (19 last year)
  • Assault arrests where alcohol was involved: 14 yes; 3 no
  • Public order offences: 55 (42)
  • Public order arrests where alcohol was involved: 45 yes, 10 no
  • Drunkenness: 40 (41)
  • Drink driving: 8 (20)
  • Criminal damage: 14 (19)
  • Drug arrests: 36 (34)

Meanwhile, planning has already started on next year’s festival.

‘We will attend a debrief on the racing and a debrief on the TT Festival as a whole and we will pull the positives out of those to build on for next year. We anticipate even more visitors next year because 2011 will be the centenary of the Mountain circuit, so it could be a record year on a par with the centenary and our policing plan will be geared up for that,’ Supt Cubbon added.

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