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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
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TT3D: Closer to the Edge at Broadway Cinema from April 22 1 April 2011

THE Department of Community, Culture and Leisure is pleased to announce the 3D feature film documentary about the TT Races will be screened for two weeks at the Broadway Cinema, Douglas, when it goes on general release across the UK.

TT3D: Closer to the Edge will be shown nightly at 9.15pm from April 22 until May 5 at the Broadway Cinema in the Villa Marina, Douglas.

Hon David Cretney MHK, Minister for Community, Culture and Leisure, said:

‘I can’t wait to see the 3D film about something that has been my lifelong passion, and I’m pleased that we will have the capacity to enable hundreds of local residents and visitors the chance to view it in the birthplace of the TT. I was delighted to be involved at the time of its original concept as Trade and Industry Minister and now excitement is building with the recent announcement that actor and lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Jared Leto, will narrate it, and as this year’s Mountain Course centenary approaches.’

TT3D: Closer to the Edge is a film about the TT, the world-famous motorcycle race that takes place on the Isle of Man every year. Racing along public roads on bikes just inches apart - with speeds hitting 200mph - drama, tension and tragedy all combine to thrill the audience and tell a very moving human story.

Every rider knows that each race might be his or her last. Riders pit their skills against each other with a determination to win and push themselves beyond their limits in their bid to become "King of the Mountain".

The film follows the leading riders in the 2010 race – modern day gladiators who live and breathe road racing – and meet some of its biggest stars: in particular Guy Martin and Ian Hutchinson. Martin is a lovable rogue with a unique point of view on life who doesn’t play by the rules. A true maverick, he’s regarded as the “People’s Champion” and his off -road antics continually exasperate his sponsor and race officials. His determination to win his first race pushes him to the limit. Hutchinson, on the other hand is dedicated, focused and works hard to stay at the top.

A story about freedom of choice and the strength of human spirit; it’s also an examination of what motivates those rare few, this elite band of brothers who risk everything to win.

Filmed in stunning 3D, Closer to the Edge is a story of about what it means to be truly alive. The film also features music from Thirty Seconds To Mars, including hit song Closer To The Edge.

TT3D: CLOSER TO THE EDGE is directed by Richard de Aragues, produced by Steve Christian and Marc Samuelson and was shot and will be released in 3D.

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