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Department of Health Ambulance Service Promote Crash Cards 31 May 2011

Crash Card Launch
Crash Card Launch
Once again the Department of Health is running the Crash Card scheme, and the re-launch took place at Ambulance Headquarters with Department of Health Member, Dudley Butt and Chief Executive, David Killip. There was also the Chairman of the TT Marshalls Association who brought with him some local marshals to emphasise the importance of this scheme.

Crash Card is a scheme whereby motorcyclists place a card inside their crash helmet that will provide vital information for attending ambulance crews in situations whereby the injured person is either unconscious or unable to communicate. The card is free, and an accompanying introductory letter has a green dot which the rider puts on the right side of their helmet to alert attending crews to the fact the rider has a card on them.

The scheme has been very successful in the UK and was developed by paramedics in the Ambulance Motorcycle Club who have an interest and passion for motorcycles. In fact, since it first launched two years ago this month, it has reached thousands of bikers throughout the country and there is now an American version in the guise of a Rider Alert, which was launched in Virginia last month, followed by New York State.

David Killip, Chief Executive, Department of Health said:

"As a keen biker myself I am delighted that the Ambulance Service has joined our UK colleagues in this very important initiative to improve the care provided to motorcyclists involved in accidents. Our aim is to have a safe TT, but I am very much reassured to know that if an accident does happen, the vital information our staff need will be readily available to them.” On one side the card has space for the person’s name, post code, date of birth and a brief medical history, including current medications being taken. "

Crash Card Launch
Crash Card Launch
On the other side the card acts as an aide mémoire to Crash Card carriers as to what basic information is given to the Ambulance Service should they themselves came across an accident and need to call the emergency services.

Dawn Kneen, Ambulance Manager, said:

"Like last year, we are delighted to be able to continue with the scheme that was launched here in partnership with the East of England Ambulance Service where this scheme has already been successful, and in fact, is now going global. It is obviously timely as similar to last year, we will be promoting the scheme on the lead up to this year’s TT event, after which we will continue distributing the Crash Cards throughout the year. "

Hayden Newton, Chief Executive, East of England Ambulance Service said:

"I’m delighted that the TT races are once again used as a platform to reach thousands of new and experience riders and race fans to educate them about casualty reduction and being safe on the roads.
Being a rider myself, I understand the value of allowing good, basic information to be available to medics who attend a rider at the scene of an accident and, with the rest of the UK and now America picking up on this excellent idea, it’ll go from strength to strength."

Crash Card Launch
Crash Card Launch
The Island’s Ambulance Service will be visiting motorcycle events and gatherings around the Island to distribute the information and Crash Cards and if anyone wishes to assist with the distribution they should ring Ambulance HQ on 642582 and leave a message how they can be contacted.

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