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Isle of Man TT Races receives huge boost with Steve Christian interview on Chris Evans' Radio 2 show 1 February 2012

Leading F1 Boss Sir Frank Williams also endorses the film

The Isle of Man TT Races received another huge boost from the TT3D film ‘Closer to the Edge’ when CinemaNx Chief Executive Steve Christian was interviewed on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio Two yesterday morning (31/01/12). The show has a weekly audience of over 8 million listeners and is the most popular radio show in the UK.

The interview, where Steve featured as the ‘mystery guest’ came about when Chris was inundated with supportive texts the previous day when he mentioned TT3D Closer to the Edge on his show.

Sports presenter Vassos Alexander introduced Steve by saying that he was ‘the driving force’ behind the film and that it ‘put the move into movie’ before Chris began the 3-minute interview with Steve Christian. During the interview Steve was able to give a brief history of the event while Chris encouraged everyone to be inspired by the film’s strapline ‘just because you’re breathing, doesn't mean you’re alive’ – a quotation from its star Guy Martin.

Listen to a three minute clip of the show below.

The CinemaNx team also arranged for Chris to receive a copy of the DVD and invited him to visit the Isle of Man for this year’s event.

This is the second high profile boost that the film has provided this month, following the endorsement from respected F1 Williams team owner Sir Frank Williams who described the film as ‘unbelievable’ in his monthly column in leading Motorsport magazine ‘F1 Racing. Sir Frank also went on to add that ‘If you haven’t seen the documentary Closer to the Edge, go and get it on DVD’ and revealed ‘my family got bored of hearing me say how good it is, so I started telling the dog.’

Hon John Shimmin, MHK, Minister, Department of Economic Development commented:

"This is a great example of the benefits that the Isle of Man and the TT Races continue to receive from the film long after its original release date. This high profile appearance on the leading breakfast radio show, and the endorsement from someone as respected as Sir Frank Williams, demonstrates the impact that the documentary continues to have."

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