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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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Final Practice News[2] (Evening Friday 30 May 2003) 30 May 2003

Although the first races are on tomorrow, some were still prepared to go for really high speeds in tonight's final practice. There was an unofficial equalling of the lap record in the Ultra Lightweight 125cc class. Former British Champion Chris Palmer, now of Castletown, Isle of Man, lapped in 20 minutes 32.4 seconds, an average speed of 110.21mph. That precisely matched Ian Lougher's official record from last year.

There was a new practice leader in the Junior 600cc class, where New Zealand's Bruce Anstey at 121.04mph took over from Adrian Archibald's 120.94mph on Wednesday.

There were plenty of solos and sidecars out, and the Grandstand was crowded as riders put the final touches to the tuning of their machines.

Fastest of the night was Adrian Archibald on the TAS 1000 Production Suzuki. He lapped at 122.38mph, not quite as quick as his former team-mate David Jefferies had done on Wednesday evening (122.57mph).

In the Formula One class John McGuinness was fastest at 121.48mph.

In the Production 600 class Davy Morgan was fastest at 116.74mph.

In the Lightweight 400 class Richard Britton was fastest at 108.49mph.

In the Sidecar class the fastest were Ian Bell/Neil Carpenter at 110.62mph.

The only incident reported this evening concerned Nigel Davies from Llanelli , who crashed at White Gates, on the outskirts of Ramsey. He sustained an injured arm and an injured elbow.

At the conclusion of practising, the fastest lap of the week was that of David Jefferies (1000 Formula One Suzuki) at 125.20mph on the lap before his fatal crash at Crosby on Thursday afternoon.

Tomorrow's races are the DUKE Formula One (six laps) at two o'clock and the Hilton Hotel and Casino Sidecar A (three laps) at five o'clock.

The lap record for the Formula One stands to David Jefferies at 126.28mph (2002) and the Sidecars to Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam at 112.76mph (1999).

In other classes the overall position saw:

the Production 1000 headed by David Jefferies at 122.57mph on Wednesday.

the Production 600 headed by Adrian Archibald at 118.06mph from Monday.

the Junior 600 headed by Bruce Anstey at 121.04mph this evening.

the Lightweight 400 headed by John Barton at 109.07mph on Monday.

the Ultra Lightweight 125 headed by Chris Palmer at 110.48mph this evening.

the Sidecars headed by Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam at 111.60mph on Monday.

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