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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
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TT Practice News (Morning Friday 30 May 2003) 30 May 2003

Conditions were fair for the penultimate TT practice session, utilised as an option after solo practising was curtailed while the David Jefferies accident was dealt with yesterday afternoon.

Fine weather overhead belied many damp patches on the roads after considerable overnight showers.

There was plenty of interest among riders as organisers combined all solo classes, and Jason Griffiths and Robert J. Price got proceedings under way just a couple of minutes late at 5.17am, Jason keen to try the Formula One Yamaha after it displayed fuel injection problems yesterday afternoon.

Among other stars out were Iain Duffus, Ian Lougher, John McGuinness, Ryan Farquhar and Richard Quayle. But poignantly there was no appearance by Jefferies' team mate Adrian Archbald, who now has to carry the TAS Suzuki mantle alone. The team's flags on their truck were lowered as a mark of respect to the loss of their leader.

Lougher's SP2 Honda was seen being warmed up with neither wheel fitted, but along with most others he set off with slick tyres all round. He did a lap, pulled in for adjustments then went out on the same bike again.

With the whole session uninterrupted it was possible to get four laps in and quite a few, including Richard Quayle, were kept busy switching from bike to bike. He reported that from Kirk Michael onwards conditions were quite tricky and needed very considerable care.

As the sun rose through the haze, Griffiths reported the bike's injection problem sorted, though his own injection not. His chest cough steadfastly refuses to leave him.

Local rider Alan Phillips had spent a sleepless night worrying about how to save 12 seconds to qualify his 400. He said: "It'll have to be demon braking as I'm already flat out everywhere." But with conditions against him, it looked as if he'll have to try again tonight.

Russell Henley's damaged finger was not hampering him and as usual he joked about everything, including his spill at Signpost Corner the other night. "I thought I'd turn left instead of right and pop in and see Martin Bullock's mother," he quipped, conveniently overlooking the fact that the road into the housing estate is 200 yards farther down the road!

Argentinians Walter Cordoba and David Parades had a casual look and parked up their bikes and went off for a cup of tea before setting out.

Cyril Guillemen's Rotary Norton continued to enchant with its rorty racket but its din was not matched by its speed and he looks unlikely to be able to realise his ambition of qualifying it for the Senior.

Health and Safety at Work is not usually taken much into account in the paddock, but the men in white coats had been up and decreed that "only braided cables may be used", a reference to the admittedly potentially dangerous problem of trailing generator wires used for the tyre warmers and power tools.

Milky Quayle at last tried out his 400, but last year's winner was not optimistic about his chances on it, the promised fast engine not having materialised and unlikely to do so in time now. But McGuinness was more enthusiastic about his RLR model, describing it as "going out to play".

Duffus was also working hard, leaping from bike to bike, while Lougher declined his 125 and Production 1000 bikes in favour of concentration on the big twin.

Jim Hodson was first to complete two laps, and literally ran through the paddock to grab his Formula One bike after handing over his Production 1000 mount to willing helpers.

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