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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
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TT Practice News (Afternoon Thursday 29 May 2003) 29 May 2003

Today's solo TT practice was curtailed after only one lap when a major accident at Crosby caused the organisers to red flag the session.

Competitors who were completing their opening lap were sent back to the paddock at the TT Grandstand. The few others who had embarked on a second lap were flagged to a halt at Glen Vine.

Solo practising was suspended while the incident was dealt with, but sidecar practising went ahead as scheduled at 3.35pm.

Because of the withdrawal of practising time, race organisers decided to exercise their option of utilising Friday morning's provisional practuce, and announced that it would be for solos only.

Between 5.15 and six o'clock will be for Formula One, Junior 600, Production 600 and Production 1000. Between six 'clock and 6.40am the session will cater for Lightweight 400, Ultra-Lightweight 125 and Production 600.

Meanwhile, this afternoon's sidecar speeds showed that the best speed was again by lap record holders Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam. They lapped in 20 minutes 40.03 seconds, an average speed of 109.54mph.

Second quickest were Ian Bell and Neil Carpenter at 108.37mph and third Nick Crowe and Darren Hope at 106.51mph.

The sidecar lap record stands to Molyneux and Hallam at 112.76mph from 1999.

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