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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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TT Practice News [a] (Evening Wednesday 28 May 2003) 28 May 2003

With good conditions again, there were more fast speeds in tonight's practice.

Adrian Archibald was the top gun, doing 124.64mph compared to John McGuinness's 124.57 last night. Jason Griffiths did 122.98mph on his F1 machine, not far off his best ever 123.90 in last year's Senior. David Jefferies did 122.57mph on his 1000cc Production TAS Suzuki. Shaun Harris did 122.01, easily his best ever TT Course lap.

His previous mark was 120.97 on a 750 in the 2002 Senior, an improvement of 9.6 seconds. Richard Quayle did 121.16mph on his Formula One GSXR1000 Suzuki. Dave Molyneux and Craig Hallam did 111.68mph on a standing start lap on the Honda and have the No. 1 motor still to slot in. Will they lap under 20 minutes come race day?

McGuinness was still glowing from his 124mph lap last night, but reckoned there was another couple of mph still to come from the Ducati. The MonsterMob team had managed to dial out the weave it had had at the North West. One problem which may beset them is re-starting the brute after refuelling. Although the "garden roller" will be allowed into Pit Lane, it will still need calm brains to select the third gear needed to spin the motor over.

Signpost Corner is not generally regarded as a refuelling point for the TT, but it became one for Dungannon's Ryan Farquhar tonight. He ran out but was rescued by a friendly marshal who conveniently had a spare can nearby. Ryan's Express was soon back on the rails and he put it down to the dice he had been having with Jim Moodie.

Jason Griffiths departed from his usual dalliance getting out to practice. Tonight he was first away, but said he was struggling to overcome a chest infection. "I don't think I'm coughing inside my helmet, but I'm usually too busy to notice!" quipped the likeable Welshman.

Nigel Davies looked happier with things as he clucked over his four bikes. Carburation and gearing were his main concerns. The Pink Panther has yet to make its appearance, but is threatened for tomorrow. Will he unveil a pink cap to match?

Richard Quayle described his physical improvement as "better by the day" but said he was still having trouble on the quick changes of direction where his leg injury was hampering him somewhat. Last year's Lightweight 400 winner saw his Honda make its appearance, but not fitted with the long-awaited hot motor, but with a unit swapped out of a road bike. "I hope the real engine turns up in time," lamented the popular Manxman, who pronounced himself pleased with the Chris Dowd machines.

Also wearing a big grin was Shaun Harris, whose Blacks Bike Shop models were giving him all he sought, thanks to the set-up and development of Kevin Stephens Racing. He said: "People think I'm always moaning, but this year I'm not flinching from saying I'm content. It comes from having really good bikes and a team which does all I ask of them," said the Kiwi.

Maria Costello was content with her Martin Bullock Honda set up. "It's all coming together well, and at precisely the right time," said the 25-year-old.

Veteran Mick Chatterton was also going along well, his new 125 Honda at last behaving once uprated ignition had been fitted. Colin Breeze was another "going in the right direction".

Steve Linsdell's complaint was one which those who endured the previous rains would have been more than happy to have. He was struck by a large bug as early as Bray Hill, but hardly expected another soon after at Quarter Bridge. "I really didn't want to use two tear-offs in the first couple of miles," said the Flitwick Motorcycles runner.

Island champion Chris Heath received a bonus when he inherited a 1000cc Suzuki from Glyn Jones to add to Mark Mann's 600 and R1 machines. An earlier bulletin spoke of him riding for Nick Woodman. That is Chris Palmer, former British 125 champion.

David Jefferies looked more like his old self as he wheelied down Glencrutchery Road good style. His subdued performances at the North West and in early TT practice belies the form the outright lap record holder is likely to show as the first race day edges nearer.

Wade Boyd was delighted with his fastest ever Mountain Course lap on Tuesday - 110.20mph and hoped for even better to come. "It's great to be back on the Island once more," enthused the gregarious Californian, who is thinking of driving in the Sidecar races next year, having already passengered on a previous occasion.

New Zealander Warren Turner was taking things steadily after his monster top-speed crash at Ballacry last year. "I just can't get my head around taking it flat out again," he said. He reckoned it cost £3,000 to repair the damage to the R6!

Jimmy Rodgers, who fell off at the Gooseneck last night, is reported as "comfortable" in Noble's Hospital. His injuries are not thought to be serious.

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