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TT Practice News (Morning Monday 26 May 2003) 26 May 2003

Conditions were reasonable for the second practice of the 2003 TT. After a delay while a couple of parked vehicles were removed from the course, outright lap record holder David Jefferies and last year's Lightweight 400 winner Richard Quayle headed the field away at 5.35am!

Jefferies was first to complete a lap and reported a dry run to the 11th Milestone, but intermittent damp patches thereafter. He switched from his 1000 Production TAS Suzuki to the 600 Junior model but got no further than Greeba before hitting mechanical trouble. With no easy access for a return to the Grandstand, he was left no alternative but to sit out the rest of the session.

Ryan Farquhar and Adrian Archibald enjoyed a good scrap on the roads, but both were clearly exercising caution on the tricky bits. John McGuinness went as far as describing conditions on the northern section as "horrible" but couldn't resist another lap, having changed from his Junior bike to the Production version. On return, he pronounced himself happy with its handling, having had a few tweaks carried out since Saturday.

New Zealander Bruce Anstey continued to impress, and those in the Paddock easily deduced that the Valmoto Triumph Daytona team was working as a complete unit, with third rider Jim Moodie chatting animatedly with boss Jack Valentine.

Quite the noisiest bike out was the immaculate Rotary Norton ridden by Frenchman Cyril Guillemin. He had special sanction to ride it out of class in a bid to try to qualify it for the Senior race. He reported a transformation in handling with different tyres fitted from its initial outing.

Isle of Man champion Chris Heath was not as perturbed about the conditions, and went as far as saying he had enjoyed his run. But Thomas Montano found the temperature as the sun rose on Snaefell Mountain not quite the same as dawn in his native California and went for a suspension change once his mechanic had been located.

As usual, Iain Duffus was quietly getting on with the job and responded merely with "uneventful" when asked about the two laps he completed. Quayle pronounced himself satisfied, too, after a brace of laps aboard the Chris Dowd Kawasaki.

John Crellin was back from his second unsuccessful attempt to conquer Mount Everest, and was lighter in weight and wallet, reckoning it had cost him 50,000 dollars. Even so, he said he will try again in the future.

Lap record holders Dave Molyneux headed off the sidecar field, re-united with Craig Hallam. They will race in the European Cup later in the year but hope to complete the TT double after a lapse of three years together.

Their first lap was at over 111mph, so clearly their understanding had been quickly rekindled.

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