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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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Terrific Turnout for Monday 31 May 2004

The second practice session enjoyed dry roads and there was a terrific turnout of solos and sidecars. After a five minute delay, the solos were led off by Junior lap record holder Ryan Farquhar accompanied by local star Tommy Clucas.

After that, it was non-stop action with Bruce Anstey, Ian Lougher, John McGuinness, Martin Finnegan, Chris Palmer, Richard Britton, Jason Griffiths and Robert Dunlop all out early.

First back through was Anstey, who caught and passed Farquhar and Clucas at Sulby, the Peel man delighted to have stayed with such elite company. He pulled in to correct front fork problems which had later developed into tank-slapping all over the place.

Other notable “working pairs” seen keeping cosy company included team mates John Donnan and Raymond Porter and the two Argentinians David Parades and Walter Cordoba.

Many riders switched bikes very rapidly and were clearly going for five-lap totals. But late arrivals including Anstey were caught out when there was a ten minute delay while an ambulance had to be brought on to the course at Sulby to attend to a civilian matter. To ease the pressure on the build-up of those halted at Quarry Bends, those seeking to go out were held in the top paddock.

The earlier runners in the second solo session inaugurated a new starting system from the bottom of Pit Lane, which gave those on the packed Grandstand plenty to see. The general air of organised confusion certainly caught up Richard Britton, who shrugged his shoulders when asked how many laps he’d done. “Three – no four – oh, I don’t really know!” was his response.

Frenchman Fabrice Miguet was spotted adjusting front forks, but unusually sought to stiffen their action, rather than the more usual easing off of damping rates. And suspension also concerned Jason Griffiths, who spent a while in conference with father Selwyn before departing on one of the horde of red Yamahas.

Just about the entire sidecar field assembled in Pit Lane and when they got away ten minutes late were headed by eight-times winner Dave Molyneux. 2002 world champions Klaus Klaffenbock was out fairly early, pronouncing himself well satisfied with initital progress and already vowing to return next year much more prepared.

Molyneux and Sayle were back first of the three-wheelers, but still slightly shy of the su-20 minute lap. But as they say in the Island traaie-dy-liooar (time enough).

Wade Boyd’s hairstyle is a little more conservative (and less prevalent as the years go by). This year he has settled for purple, with whisps of green and yellow. His female partner upstaged him with brilliant orange! As they say in Court Circulars, there were matching accessories. Not handbags and gloves, at least not as far as could be noticed.

Uncontestible prize for the noisiest bike of the evening went uncontestedly to Dave Madsen-Mygdal’s Formula One Yamaha. But it failed to convince the gate marshals who simply covered their ears before sending him to the back of the queue his mechanic was attempting to jump. It had been a busy day for Dave, Bud Jackson and Derek Whalley, among others, having earlier done the Classic meeting at Billown.

Fastest solo lap of the night was by New Zealand’s Bruce Anstey, who did a remarkable 18 minutes 14 seconds, an average speed of 124.16mph.

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