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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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Monday Practice Overview 1 June 2004

Tuesday Evening June 1 Conditions look like being blustery but dry for the third practice due to start at 6.15pm.

Fastest performance of last night’s session was by Bruce Anstey (1000 TAS Suzuki) riding on Formula One plates. He lapped in 18 minutes 14 seconds, an average speed of 124.16mph.

It was a tremendous night for the Kiwi, as he also topped the times in the Production 1000 and Junior 600 classes.

Formula One
Behind Anstey came Ian Lougher (1000 Honda) in 18 minutes 15.7 seconds, 123.96mph, then John McGuinness (1000 Yamaha) in 18 minutes 26.2 seconds, 122.79mph.

Lightweight 400cc
Fastest was Mark Parrett (Honda). He lapped in 21 minutes 15.2 seconds, 106.52mph. Second was Adrian Crossan (Kawasaki) in 21 minutes 16.2 seconds, 106.43mph, then Jim Hodson (Yamaha) in 21 minutes 17.7 seconds, 106.31mph.

Ultra Lightweight 125cc
Fastest was Chris Palmer (Honda). He lapped in 20 minutes 52.8 seconds, 108.42mph. Second was Ian Lougher (Honda) in 21 minutes 05.5 seconds, 107.33mph, then Robert Dunlop (Honda) in 21 minutes 07.6 seconds, 107.15mph.

Production 1000cc
Fastest was Bruce Anstey (Suzuki). He lapped in 18 minutes 28.2 seconds, 122.57mph.

Second was Ian Lougher (Honda) in 18 minutes 49.4 seconds, 120.27mph, then Adrian Archibald (Suzuki) in 18 minutes 55.1 seconds, 119.66mph.

Junior 600cc
Anstey headed the times on the smaller of his Production Suzukis. He lapped in 18 minutes 34.3 seconds, 121.90mph. Second was John McGuinness (Yamaha) in 18 minutes 36 seconds, 121.71mph, then Martin Finnegan (Yamaha) in 18 minutes 55 seconds, 119.67mph.

Production 600
Fastest was Adrian Archibald (Suzuki). He lapped in 19 minutes 10.3 seconds, 118.08mph. Second was Richard Britton (Honda) in 19 minutes 30.6 seconds, 116.03mph, then Tommy Clucas (Honda) in 19 minutes 37.8 seconds, 115.32mph.

Fastest were Dave Molyneux and Daniel Sayle (DMR Honda). They lapped in 20 minutes 25.8 seconds, 110.81mph. Second were Ian Bell and Craig Hallam (DMR Yamaha) in 20 minutes 39.7 seconds, 109.57mph, then Nick Crowe and Darran Hope (DMR Honda) in 20 minutes 51.2 seconds, 108.56mph.

There were a number of accidents, the most serious of which was to sidecar passenger Steve Taylor, who fell out of the Windle Yamaha driven by Simon Neary at Handley’s Corner. He received leg injuries but is today described as “comfortable”.

Giovanni Iovine (Honda) from Italy crashed at Sarah’s Cottage; Walter Cordoba (Honda) fell at Governor’s Bridge; Errol Craven and Jason Miller (Ireson Honda Sidecar) spilled at Laurel Bank; Paul Cowley slipped out of Glyn Jones’ Yamaha sidecar at Ramsey Hairpin; Mike Cookson and Kevin Morgan crashed their Shelbourne Honda at the 27th Milestone; Sylvie Leblond fell out of Francois Leblond’s Honda sidecar at Governor’s Dip and Martin Vollebreght and Christine Blunck spilled their Yamaha outfit in Parliament Square. All were pronounced alright after medical checking.

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