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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

TT News

Tuesday Evening Practice 1 June 2004

Again good conditions prevailed as the third evening practice session got going, led by Bruce Anstey and Martin Finnegan. Just astern came Ryan Farquhar, John McGuinness, Ian Lougher and Adrian Archibald.

Not much more than 18 minutes later Anstey roared back through at 160mph, but Archibald pulled in and seemed a trifle bemused that he was not expected. Slick work by the TAS team soon got him back out with the minimum of delay.

McGuinness seemed to pull a bit out on Anstey (or was the Kiwi foxing?) and the pair arrived together after two laps in 37 minutes! McGuinness is flying on the Yamahas, while Jason Griffiths also looks content with similar machinery, though had chosen his production model for his opening foray. His new job sees him dealing with Yamahas all the time these days.

Gary Carswell is getting the HM Sports Motorhomes models to his liking, but thought the seat tail unit had slackened off. He took the opportunity to adjust the back suspension. Fellow Manxman Tom Clucas had had the benefit of suspension advice from Andy Notman of British Superbike Championship fame.

Shaun Harris continues his efforts with the Wilson and Collins ZX10 Kawasaki, trying to emulate the set up of Scott Smart, who won a BSB round at Mondello a fortnight before. Changes asked for after tonight’s outing included lowering the front end.

Californian Thomas Montano is making a welcome return but the 400 Yamaha he wheeled out could scarcely be reported as in pristine condition. Nevertheless it is thought to be quick.

Can it really be four years since he flew back to the States for a home race at the end of Practice Week before jetting back to Mona’s Isle for his races.

Newcomer Guy Martin isn’t proving to be setting about the TT in the hectic fashion predicted and seems to be gradually moving up with a 111mph lap on Monday – good going.

Former Senior Manx Grand Prix winner Colin Breeze is to raffle his bike after the TT! His 2004 750cc Suzuki was bought by regulars at the New Greyhound pub in Billesden, Leicestershire, and will be raffled for funds split between the Manx Grand Prix Helicopter Fund and the Warwickshire Air Ambulance. “I’ll have to look after it, so I won’t be going fast!” quipped the modest Breeze, who doubles as a competent classic racer too.

Veteran Noel Clegg has two 600s and is relishing the broad spread of power they give. Quite different to the Yamaha TZs of his early years, popping and banging and needing bags of clutch slip on slow corners. “These just fly up the Mountain, yet go round Governor’s with the clutch hard out,” said the Rochdale man who lived in Island for a few years before returning to the delights of Lancashire.

Swedish sidecar veteran Lars Schwartz is marking 25 successive years at the TT but missing his mate Esso Gunnarsson who sadly died earlier in the year. Lars’ transporter is alleged to be 40 years old and to have covered over fifty thousand miles in TT travel apart from other use.

A bit out of normal season but Nick Turner from Croydon has his 600 Honda heavily emblazoned in Royal British Legion Poppy Appeals colours. Not a bad time to publicise the worthy cause, it being the week of the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

Klaus Klaffenbock and Chrstian Parzer are slowly getting up to speed on their Yamaha DMR, recording a respectable 93mph on their second outing. Dave Molyneux and Dan Sayle again led a packed field away from the bottom of Pit Lane tonight. Ian Bell and Craig Hallam set off next, as they will do on race days. Craig was Moly’s passenger when they set the lap record.

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