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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

TT News

Wednesday Practice Overview 2 June 2004

Wednesday Evening June 2

The outright TT Course lap record was unofficially broken by Morecambe’s John McGuinness, who also unofficially broke the Junior record. Riding a 1000cc R1 Yamaha, three-times former winner McGuinness did 127.34mph and on a 600cc R6 Yamaha did 122.92mph. The late David Jefferies’ 2002 official outright record was beaten by three-tenths of a second and Ryan Farquhar’s 2003 Junior record beaten by 5.65 seconds.

Formula One
McGuinness’ outright lap record outshone the rest, but Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) was a good second at 126.14mph and team-mate Adrian Archibald third at 125.41mph. Fourth Ian Lougher, fifth Richard Britton, sixth Ryan Farquhar.

Lightweight 400cc
Richard Britton (Honda) topped the list in 20 minutes 35 seconds, an average speed of 109.98mph. Second was Martin Finnegan (Honda) at 105.85mph and Alex Donaldson (Kawasaki) third at 105.79mph. Fourth Steve Linsdell, fifth Robert J Price, sixth Robert A Price.

Ultra Lightweight 125cc
Robert Dunlop (Honda) was the best in 20 minutes 38.5 seconds, an average speed of 109.67mph. Second was Chris Palmer (Honda) at 109.25mph and third Ian Lougher (Honda) at 107.10mph. Fourth Matt Jackson, fifth Nigel Beattie, sixth Gary Bennett.

Production 1000cc
This was the only class which was not improved upon from previous quickest. Richard Britton (Suzuki) was fastest in 18 minutes 37.1 seconds, an average speed of 121.59mph. Second was Jason Griffiths (Yamaha) at 120.99mph and third Mark Parrett (Yamaha) at 120.61mph. Fourth Gary Carswell, fifth Dean Silvester, sixth Colin Breeze.

Junior 600cc
Bruce Anstey (Suzuki) was the quickest in 19 minutes 03.2 seconds, an average speed of 118.81mph. Second was Martin Finnegan (Yamaha) at 118.11mph and third Richard Britton (Honda) 116.83mph. Fourth Ryan farquhar, fifth Shaun Harris, sixth Chris Heath.

Production 600
Anstey (Suzuki) completed a very satisfactory night’s work with the top speed on his 600cc model. He lapped in 19 minutes 03.2 seconds, an average speed of 118.11mph. Second was Martin Finnegan (Yamaha) at 118.11mph and third Richard Britton (Honda) at 116.83mph. Fourth Tommy Clucas, fifth Davy Morgan, sixth Gordon Blackley.

Ian Bell and Craig Hallam were the top crew in 20 minutes 34.9 seconds, an average speed of 109.99mph. Second were Nick Crowe and Darran Hope at 108.92 and third Roy Hanks and Dave Wells at 107.84mph. Fourth Greg Lambert and Ivan Murray, fifth John Holden and Jamie Winn and sixth Allan Schofield and Mark Cox.

The most serious was when Paul Cowley fell from the sidecar of Glyn Jones at the Black Dub. He received injuries and was taken to Noble’s Hospital. The other three incidents concerned the solo classes. Damien Brady injured his shoulder and neck in a spill at the Nook; Scott Stewart was taken for a check up after crashing at the Gooseneck; and Richard Britton fell off at Creg-ny-Baa and was taken to hospital for a check but was thought not to have much injury. Sidecar passenger Rene Gaffray, who fell out of Pascal Hachet’s sidecar at the Creg last night was discharged from hospital earlier today.

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