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No More TT for Jim Moodie 18 August 2003

Eight time winner Jim Moodie has announced that he will no longer race in the TT.

He broke the news on his website last Friday, saying:

For me every TT is a challenge and this year was no exception. A new factory supported team and the opportunity to develop and race a completely new British bike, a bike that would hopefully challenge the best that the TT and the British Championships can offer. There was also the natural public expectation who were rightfully hoping for a historic result after Triumph's near thirty year absence from full TT competition. In the end Triumph got the result they richly deserved and being a part of that was something I and others can be truly proud.

However, this years TT threw up more questions and doubts, on safety, marshalling and officiating that has regretfully brought me to the decision to end any future TT participation. This statement is not a criticism of any one particular individual; it's more to do with the overall situation and organisation.

I fully accept the risks of the TT, but this year, especially after the tragic and untimely loss of David Jefferies where I was lucky to escape with my own life, I knew then my TT future would require serious consideration. I certainly didn't want to make any rash or immediate decision as things can be said in the heat of the moment, and besides, I still had a professional job to do for Triumphvalmoto. I specifically waited until now to be totally clear with my views and the timing of this statement is for that reason only.

It certainly would have been good to finish with a win and looking back over the years, I've got to be happy with 8 TT wins. The Isle of Man holds so many great memories for me and it certainly was an integral and very important part of my racing career.

Jim Moodie's first TT win was in 1993 when he won both the 600 and 400 Supersport classes, his most recent win was in 2002 when he won the Junior TT.

Jim Moodie
Jim Moodie at Governor's Bridge, TT Junior 600 (2003)

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