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2005 Lap of Honour and Classic Nostalgia Weekend 7 October 2004

Following the very successful first Classic Nostalgia Weekend in 2004 under the chairmanship of Isle of Man Minister for Tourism and Leisure David Cretney, plans are announced today for the 2005 event (June 10 - 12, 2005).

For the first time in 2004 as well as a Lap of Honour and Parade of Historic Motorcycles around the world famous TT Course, participants were able to enjoy closed roads sessions on the Southern 100 course in the south of the Island as part of their national road race programme and on the Sunday a concours d'elegance took place in the Pit Lane of the TT Grandstand where machines from as far away as Japan came for the events. TT heroes taking part to the acclamation of fans around the mountain course included Jim Redman, Tommy Robb, Charlie Williams, Sammy Miller, Phil Read and others, including the Minister himself!

Following a visit to Pasolini Day in Rimini, Italy, a sporting connection was made with the Isle of Man by the Minister and officials from the Italian resort. The Minister set about to investigate some of the famous links between Italy and the Isle of Man and the result is that the event for 2005 will acknowledge the wonderful historic story from the early days of 1926 with Pietro Ghersi, then in 1935, 70 years ago, Stanley Woods won the lightweight 250cc event on a Moto Guzzi with the first ever lap over 85mph. In 1937 Omobono Tenni enjoyed the first foreign victory, again on a Moto Guzzi, securing his place in the history of the event.

Other significant anniversaries being celebrated in 2005 are 55 years since the victory in the Lightweight 250cc of Dario Ambrosini on a Benelli, 50 years since Geoff Duke won the Senior 500cc on a Gilera, Bill Lomas won the Junior 350cc on a Moto Guzzi and the lightweight 250cc on an MV and Carlo Ubiali won the Lightweight 125cc on an MV.

What a fantastic era for the Italians! They went on from those victories 50 years ago to the first 100mph lap by Bob McIntire in 1957 on the Gilera and in 1958 all four solo classes were taken by MV. Forty years ago Giacamo Agostini and Renzo Pasolini brought their talents to the mountain course and Mike Hailwood continued his senior victories on MV machinery. In 1962 the first lap at more than 105mph was recorded by Gary Hocking, again, on an MV. Thirty-five years ago Giacomo Agostini won both the Senior and Junior on MVs and for the second year in the 250cc production class Ducati took the victory laurels as it did 20 years ago in the TT Formula 2 and 10 years ago in the singles event! Over the years MV have enjoyed 34 wins, Moto Guzzi 11 wins, Ducati eight wins and Benelli, Mondial and Gilera three victories each. What a glittering record! It is with these significant events in the history of the TT races that it has been decided that the 2005 classic nostalgia weekend should enjoy an Italian emphasis. Riders and machines will be made most welcome to help us celebrate.

As always, a warm welcome will be extended to ex TT and MGP riders to take part in the Classic Lap of Honour and owners of any exotic or special interest machines are invited to participate in this very special event.

At the 2004 event the newly refurbished Villa Marina was the venue for the medal presentations by six times world champion and TT winner Geoff Duke. New for 2005 will be the prize presentation for the Blue Riband Senior TT event on the evening of the race (Friday June 10) at the Villa Marina, combined with the medal presentations to those who have played their part in TT history and continue through the Lap of Honour and Classic Parade as part of the Classic Nostalgia Weekend.

Riders from any country, together with machines from the UK and around the world are invited to contact the organisers for regulations for the event.

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