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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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Road Safety Campaign Begins 26 May 2005

The Department of Transport in partnership with Isle of Man Constabulary launch the TT 2005 Road Safety Campaign.

The Campaign will run from 26th May to 12th June, this follows on from the pre TT motorcycle campaign which was launched at the end of April to raise awareness of motorcyclists travelling on the Islands roads. During April and May 2004 there was an increase in motorcycle accidents.

This yearís campaign is supported by former TT winner "Milky" Quayle who is well known throughout the motorcycle fraternity.

Liverpool City Road Safety Unit is supporting this years campaign by displaying billboards at the landing stage along with posters and beer mats distributed in areas where motorcyclists gather before their journey to the Island.

Lancashire Police are promoting road safety and overall casualty reduction by high visibility patrols at Heysham Port and approach roads.

The TT Festival brings with it a huge increase in general road use. We aim to give as much advice as possible covering all safety aspects including the one-way system on the Mountain Road and the Reciprocal Driving Bans Agreement.

One-way - Mountain Road

A one-way system will apply to the Mountain Road in the direction of the course, following the Thursday pm and all subsequent practice and race sessions. This will include any sessions that are postponed.

The opening of the one-way system will be marked by the official car displaying the sign "roads open one-way" travelling between the Ramsey Hairpin and Cronk Ny Mona.

After approximately 45 minutes the Police will temporarily halt traffic at the Ramsey Hairpin, and a Police vehicle displaying the sign "roads open two-way" will travel to Douglas. The roads are not two-way until the Police vehicle has passed you.

Reciprocal Driving Bans Agreement

From the 23rd May 2005, if you receive a driving disqualification in the Isle of Man, this will also apply in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Any ban will only be lifted once the Isle of Man disqualifications has ended. If you lose your licence for a motorcycle offence, this will also apply to any other vehicle licence you hold.

Licensing Authorities of other Countries outside the UK and Northern Ireland will be notified of any disqualification issued in the Isle of Man.

Captain Andrew Douglas MHK said:

"We enjoy having you on the Island and we would like to see you back next year. Please drive carefully."

Dawn Henley, Road Safety Manager said:

"The aim of the campaign is to advise local and visiting road users to take care on our roads and look out for each other.

"Safety is paramount and all road users are advised to take extra care on the roads. Be alert particularly at junctions, roundabouts and look out for vulnerable road users. Donít have an injury to another road user on your conscience."

Sgt Martin Birchenough said:

"I would urge all visiting and local riders to ride within their capabilities and with regard for other road users. Visiting riders should take heed of the warnings which will be posted regarding the reciprocal banning and should ride their machines in a manner which does not result in them losing their driving licences and more importantly theirs or other peopleís lives. Please enjoy your time on the Isle of Man and ride safely."

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