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Anstey Rides to Victory 6 June 2005

Bruce Anstey rode to victory in Monday morning’s TT Superstock race after long-time leader Adrian Archibald ran out of fuel during the final miles of the event. Anstey admitted afterwards: "He had me beaten."

The New Zealander’s Suzuki finished 35 seconds ahead of Ian Lougher on his Honda, Lougher having moved up the leaderboard from fourth position on his final lap. Ryan Farquhar was just two seconds behind Lougher in third place.

Anstey’s winning time was 54 minutes 39.74 seconds, an average speed of 124.242 miles an hour. Lougher’s average speed was 122.894 and that of Farquhar 122.853.

After the race had finished it was announced that Adrian Archibald had taken on fuel on the mountain with the help of a spectator and at that point was deemed to have retired.

It was soon apparent at the start of the race that yesterday’s Superbike winner, John McGuinness, was not going to repeat his victory today. McGuinness was reported to be touring at Ballaugh Bridge on the first lap and finally retired at the Bungalow.

One man who was certainly not touring was Adrian Archibald whose first lap of 125.71 miles an hour gave him a five seconds advantage over Bruce Anstey with Ryan Farquhar a further seven seconds away in third place. Anstey had actually led the race at Glen Helen but he had changed places with Archibald by the time the pair reached Ballaugh Bridge.

By Ramsey Hairpin on lap two Archibald had increased his lead over Anstey to 13 seconds and added a further second by the time they came in for re-fuelling at the Grandstand. Archibald’s second lap - at 126.641 - was even faster than his first with Anstey’s second lap timed at 125.520. Farquhar was 20 seconds down on Anstey.

Archibald still held a lead of 18 seconds at the Bungalow on the final lap but everything was about to change. Fate dealt Archibald a cruel blow when he ran out of fuel shortly afterwards which allowed Anstey to come home 35 seconds ahead of Ian Lougher who had overtaken Farquhar.

Two riders who both crashed at Glentramman - Paul Duckett and Phil Stewart - were taken to hospital by the rescue helicopter, both suffering from arm injuries.

Nigel Davies, who crashed at Signpost during yesterday’s Superbike race, sustained a fractured femur but is said to be ‘comfortable’ in Noble’s Hospital. Sidecar passenger Paul Sanderson has now been discharged, while another passenger - Philip Roberts - who has been in hospital since an incident in practising, may be released tomorrow.

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