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New Chief Marshal 19 January 2006

The Manx Motor Cycle Club Limited, as organisers of the TT and Manx Grand Prix Races, wishes to announce the intention to appoint Roger Hurst, Chairman of the TT Marshals’ Association, as Chief Marshal for the races, in succession to Chief Constable Mike Culverhouse.

Neil Hanson, TT & MGP Clerk of the Course, explained:-

“Auto Cycle Union Limited, as the motorcycle sport governing body, has requested a number of changes in marshalling arrangements. These changes are aimed at improving the organisation and co-ordination of the marshalling and bringing the arrangements more in line with those used at other race circuits.

"One of the changes is the appointment of a Chief Marshal with a completely 'hands on' role, as Chief Constables had in the days when the Police recruited and organised the marshals. With the transfer of those duties to the TT Marshals Association many years ago, the Chief Marshal post had become an honorary one and Mr Culverhouse feels not only that he does not have the experience to accept a 'hands on' role, but also that it could conflict with his responsibilities as Chief Constable.

"We are extremely grateful to Mr Culverhouse for his support over the years and delighted that he has agreed to be a Patron of the Manx Grand Prix Races.

"I have worked with Roger Hurst for many years and have great pleasure in welcoming him to his new role."

Mike Culverhouse commented:

“I acknowledge and fully understand the reasoning behind this move and I am in full agreement that the Chief Marshal should be a Race Official in the true sense of the term. Clearly I could not satisfy this requirement not only on the grounds of conflict with my primary role as Chief Constable but also on the grounds of knowledge and expertise.

"I admire the Marshals for their outstanding work and commitment and shall ensure that the excellent relationship that exists between the Marshal’s Association and my Organisation is a permanent feature.

"I wish the races and everyone associated with them continued success.”

Mr Hurst added:

“I am delighted that the Manx Motor Cycle Club Limited has asked me to accept the appointment as Chief Marshal. Our Association and the MMCC Ltd have worked very closely together for many years and this appointment will further enhance our excellent working relationship."

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