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Practice Week: May 26th - June 1st 2012
Race Week: June 2nd - June 8th 2012

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Supersport Junior TT 7 June 2006

John McGuinness swept to his second victory of Isle of Man TT Week today when he won the Isle of Man Steam Packet Supersport Junior TT on his Honda after a race-long duel with Ian Hutchinson’s Kawasaki. McGuinness took the chequered flag, with only eight seconds in hand over his rival, to notch-up his tenth TT victory.

Bruce Anstey, on his Suzuki, was a comfortable third, 18 seconds behind Hutchinson. Jason Griffiths, Ian Lougher and Cameron Donald filled the fourth to sixth positions.

McGuinness twice broke the existing lap record and set up a race record as well. Afterwards he described the conditions as ‘the best ever – awesome.’

The start of the race had been delayed for two hours. Although most of the course was bathed in brilliant sunshine there was thick mist, for a time, on parts of the mountain section.

All the signs pointed to the Supersport event being one of the closest of the week with the top seven riders being separated, on the practice leaderboard, by only about 20 seconds and this was soon confirmed at Glen Helen, nine miles from the start. Superbike winner John McGuinness was ahead by less than half a second from Ian Hutchinson who had been the fastest in practice. Then came Bruce Anstey, Ian Lougher, Guy Martin and Jason Griffiths.

McGuinnness’s first lap was timed at 18 minutes 21.94 (123.262) which was a new lap record and gave him a four seconds lead over Hutchinson who also broke the existing record. Anstey was nine seconds behind Hutchinson. Martin had moved into fourth position followed by Lougher and Griffiths, only eight seconds separating the fourth to sixth placed riders.

McGuinness continued to extend his lead over Hutchinson at each checkpoint on lap two – the advantage was six seconds at Ballaugh Bridge, seven at Ramsey Hairpin, nine at the Bungalow and nine at the Grandstand. Despite slowing down to re-fuel, the leader had set yet another lap record at 123.975.

The start of the third lap was to see changes in the fourth to sixth positions. Martin was forced into a long pit stop which dropped him right down the field; Griffiths was fourth and Lougher fifth with Cameron Donald having come up into sixth place. McGuinness continued to lead, but Hutchinson was starting to nibble away at the advantage and by Ramsey Hairpin he was only seven seconds in arrears.

McGuinness started his final lap with a lead of eight seconds while Hutchinson had 14 seconds in hand over Anstey. Hutchinson continued to push hard and it was race on when the news came through that the lead was down to six seconds at Glen Helen. But that was the closest Hutchinson could get.

Result: 1. John McGuinness, Honda, 1 14 03.73 (122.264); 2. Ian Hutchinson, Kawasaki, 1.14 12.32 (122.028); 3. Bruce Anstey, Suzuki, 1 14 30.13 (121.542).

Best newcomer was Mark Buckley from Loch Lomond who finished in 26th position, just pipping William Dunlop by six seconds. Both riders won bronze replicas.

Simon Neary and Stuart Bond, the sidecar crew who crashed at Brandywell when holding third position in Monday’s ‘A’ Race have now both been discharged from Noble’s Hospital. Medical bulletins say that solo riders Robbie Silvester and Rob Frost, together with sidecar passenger Simon Briggs, are all ‘comfortable’ in hospital.

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