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A new attraction in Port Soderick Glen for 2006 23 September 2005

    A new wetland meadow is to be developed by DAFF’s Forestry Division in Port Soderick Glen.

    This will be achieved with the assistance of the Wildflowers in Mann Project, with native plants grown from locally collected seed being grown on for planting out in 2006. The plans are to design the scheme to look as natural as possible, with up to two dozen species of wildflowers including meadowsweet, foxglove, angelica, yellow iris, purple loosestrife, marsh marigold and water forget-me-not. Other species are expected to appear naturally.

    Phil Gawne MHK, Minister for DAFF, welcomed the development.

    “I was particularly pleased to receive this proposal,” he said. “It exemplifies the changing policies being applied to the Department’s estate. In addition, it will allow more effective use of resources which will be freed up through the cessation of repeated grass cutting in the area.”

    The flat paddock area in Port Soderick Glen has traditionally been subject to regular grass cutting throughout the summer period. The site is often waterlogged and the Department has decided to work with nature here by converting the area into a wetland species-rich meadow. The area is particularly suited to butterflies. This development is expected to enhance the habitat for them.

    The plans will provide for a circular perimeter footpath to give access for visitors to view the meadow, and appreciate the wildlife it will attract. Picnic benches will be retained to provide an interesting and pleasant environment for visitors’ enjoyment. Work on the site will begin in the new year.

    For further information, please contact the Chief Forestry Officer, Mr Robin Pollard (telephone 801263).

    23rd September 2005

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