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DLGE launches Consultation on Waste Strategy 20 September 2005

    The Department of Local Government and the Environment has launched a public consultation as part of its review of the Island’s Waste Management Strategy. Copies of the consultation document prepared by the Department have been circulated to all Members of Tynwald; Government Departments, Boards and Offices; Local Authorities; and other interested parties.

    When the Island’s Waste Management Plan was published by the Department in November 2000, it recognised the essential need to ensure that it continued truly to reflect changes in the planning and regulatory frameworks on the Island and changes in waste generation, policy and practice. This was seen as being particularly relevant in relation to waste collection, recovery, re-use, recycling, treatment and disposal. Consequently, the Plan gave notice that there would be a major review of the same at 5-yearly intervals, the first such review being scheduled to take place during 2005.

    Minister for Local Government and the Environment, John Rimington, when launching the consultation said,

    “Waste management is never static and there have been many changes over the last 5 years, most notably the commissioning of the Energy-from-Waste facility in July 2004 and the introduction of charges for waste disposal. Considerable progress has also been made in promoting greater recovery, re-use and recycling which are essential elements of the waste strategy and must continue since it is well-known that waste generated tends to increase by about 2.5% year-on-year, not only on the Island but elsewhere too. This consultation is an important step in the continuing process of keeping the various elements of the waste strategy under review and reshaping policies and procedures to meet ever-changing needs. The consultation document prepared by the Department is in the nature of an interim consultation and is not intended to cover the full range of issues that will need to be discussed in the context of the overall strategy. However, the consultation document does include what I believe to be the key issues upon which I intend to report to Tynwald in December 2005”.

    The key issues in the consultation document are the need to:-

    (a) introduce Kerbside Collection;

    (b) revise the charging structure for waste disposal and a common charging system for commercial premises;

    (c) introduce uniform service provision standards and funding arrangements for the Island’s four regional Civic Amenity Sites; and

    (d) establish a partnership structure for waste management on the Island.

    The Department is inviting comments and suggestions in relation to the key issues covered in the consultation document and has requested views in writing to be sent to the Department’s Chief Executive to arrive no later than Monday, 31st October 2005.

    20th September 2005

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