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DAFF Minister Announces New Roles for Department Members 24 August 2005

    The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Phil Gawne MHK, has welcomed his political colleagues to the first full meeting of the new Department. He has also taken the opportunity to announce the key areas of the Members’ involvement within DAFF.

    DAFF previously had two Members in addition to the Minister. That has now been an increased to three Members. The Minister has allocated specific portfolios to the Members, associated with DAFF’s Divisions.

    Wildlife and Conservation issues will be dealt with by David Cannan MHK. Mr Gawne explained, “This is an important area of the Department’s work which has expanded significantly in recent years. Mr Cannan has considerable political experience which I feel will be of great benefit in assisting with the development of the relatively new Wildlife and Conservation Division.”

    Sea-fisheries and inland fisheries matters will continue to be handled by Peter Karran MHK. Mr Gawne is happy to continue to work closely with Mr Karran. “Peter has built up a strong working relationship with the fishing industry and has a full understanding of the issues in this area. I am pleased that he will be continuing to work in fisheries.

    Dudley Butt MLC will deal with Forestry, Amenity and Lands and is pleased to be appointed to DAFF. “I am delighted to join the Department,” said Mr Butt, “and look forward to working with Mr. Gawne and his team. In my first fortnight in the Department I have met many dedicated and enthusiastic people and I know it will be a pleasure to work in the rural environment with them. Agriculture has changed a lot since I was young and I have a lot to learn, but I will do my best to serve the Department in any way I can.”

    The Minister himself will retain his active involvement in the agricultural aspects of the Department’s work. “The Department has some very important measures to pursue for agriculture in the coming months, so it is important that the Minister heads up this section of the Department,” Mr Gawne explained. “Mr Karran will be joining me in agricultural meetings on a regular basis and Mr Butt and Mr Cannan will also be involved in specific areas of the development of agricultural policy."

    "The Department has an excellent team of professional, highly motivated officers who offer a quality service to the public. I’m pleased that we will have such a strong political team to work with the staff in supporting the farming and fishing industries and protecting the natural heritage of the Isle of Man.”

    Media Contact: Hon Phil Gawne MHK tel. 685839 or 416221

    24th August 2005

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